Reception of Orders and Delivery of Translations to the Customer

1.       By delivering a text to be translated the Customer confirms their agreement with the Terms and Conditions of the translations office SIA (hereinafter referred to as the Company), unless otherwise agreed in writing.

2.       The Company shall confirm the order by e-mail notifying the Customer of these terms and conditions.

3.       The Customer shall deliver the material to be translated by e-mail or other means agreed by the parties. Translations shall be delivered by e-mail or other means agreed between the parties.

4.       The Customer shall be obliged to deliver the material to be translated to the Company in a legible form. In case if the material delivered by the Customer is not clearly legible, the Company shall be entitled to refuse from providing translation or to provide an incomplete translation.

5.       The Company shall be entitled to refuse to accept an order from any Customer regardless of circumstances.

6.       The translation shall be done maintaining the form of the original text and, as far as possible, the structure if the text is submitted in formats of MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint. If the Customer submits texts for translation in other formats, the Company shall complete translation in MS Word format. The Company may fulfil an order using the format required by the Customer, however, in this case a separate agreement is made and formatting is deemed to be a separate service for which a separate fee is charged.

7.       Property and non-property rights on translations shall pass on to the Customer upon full payment for the translations.

Terms and Prices

8.       With regard to the term and price which are offered upon receipt of an order, the Company shall have rights to re-consider conditions or withdraw the order if after evaluation of the text it is established that the conditions offered initially are not feasible.

9.       Payment for translations services shall be calculated upon the Company's Pricelist in effect, unless otherwise agreed in writing. A minimum Pricelist fee applies. The Company also may charge a deposit.

10.   The Company shall be entitled to review the Pricelist without prior notice. However, the Company shall use its best endeavours to inform regular customers about the Pricelist changes.

11.   During translation process, any changes of the initial price are permissible upon agreement (changes of work amount of the order or changes in level of difficulty during translation process, deviation of the plan required by the Customer). However, the Company shall not be entitled to charge higher prices, unless prior agreement is received from the Customer. If the Customer does not agree with the price increase, the Company is entitled to decline to fulfil the order.

12.   The minimum term of fulfilment of the order shall be the next day from receiving the order.

13.   The Company holds rights to charge a fee above the standard fee in the Pricelist in the following cases:

o        when the Company must fulfil orders which require working outside normal business hours;

o        when the Customer requires translation of a text containing more than 18,000 characters (10 standard pages) during one business day;

o        when the Customer requires that the order is fulfilled on the same day of its placement.

14.   Should the Customer withdraw an order placed with the Company, the Company shall be entitled to charge a fee for the part of the work fulfilled by sending the Customer the started translation within 1 hour after receiving the order. In case of withdrawing a translation order the price of which initially was set with a discount for a certain text amount, the Company shall charge a fee for the fulfilled work without applying the discount.

15.   If the Company and the Customer have agreed on discounts for certain text amounts and translation of the agreed text amount is not ordered, the Company holds rights of not applying the discount when calculating the price.

16.   If an agreement is made between the Company and the Customer on payment in instalments and the Customer fails to make any instalment payment in due term, the whole sum shall be immediately rendered.

17.   After fulfilling the translation work, an invoice is sent by post to the Customer. The Customer undertakes to receive and pay for the works fulfilled according to the order. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, the Customer’s obligation is to pay the invoice within 10 days after receiving the invoice by transferring the respective amount to the bank account identified by the Company or send the Company motivated claims.

18.   For collection of delayed payments various methods may be used (including judicial). The Customer is responsible for covering the costs accruing from using these methods.

19.   In case of delay in delivering the translation which is agreed between the Parties (due terms are indicated in e-mail letters), the Customer is entitled to require price reduction of 1% for each day of delay.

20.   In the event of payment delay the Company shall be entitled to terminate further fulfilment of orders.


21.   Any information on the Customer not intended for publishing and received by the Company is confidential. The Company is not authorised to disclose such information to third persons without the Customer's consent.

22.   The Company shall be released from responsibility for disclosing information which has been published by the Customer or any third persons before.


23.   The Company guarantees fulfilment of all the orders in high professional quality, as far as the materials submitted by the Customer and the available information allow.

24.   The Company is not responsible for mistakes which have occurred due to wrong information provided by the Customer, as well as for losses or inconveniences resulting from such mistakes.

25.   Although the aim of the Company is to provide as precise and literal translations as possible, the Company may change formulations in order to ensure right grammatical forms and make the text better readable.

26.   In the event that the translatable text cannot be interpreted unambiguously or its formulation is imprecise and the Customer has not provided respective explanations, the Company tries, in good faith, to interpret the text, and within limits of opportunity to add a respective comment. The Company is not held responsible for wrong interpretation in such cases.

27.   The Customer undertakes to inform the Company about exclusive importance of translations the mistakes of which may cause serious consequences, as well as check such translations themselves (numbers, data etc.).

28.   Unless another agreement is made, all the translations fulfilled by the Company are intended for information only and with regard to their suitability for publishing no guarantee is given. Text-editing (literary processing, adaptation for specific target audience, adaptation of advertising material for national audience etc.) is a separate service, for which the Company may charge an additional payment.

29.   Despite the fact that the Company uses its best endeavours to ensure maximum accuracy of translations, the Company cannot guarantee compliance with the Customer's subjective preferences and the Company is not responsible for any losses or damages caused by inaccuracy or different interpretation, except the event when the mistake is such that no reasonably competent translator could have made it.


30.   The Company does not hold responsibility for any losses or damages caused by delayed or incomplete delivery of documentation.

31.   The Company does not hold responsibility for any losses or damages caused by some documentation or material sent to the Customer (including computer viruses).

32.   The Company is not responsible for any losses or damages to documentation or materials submitted by the Customer, except the event that a separate agreement is made in writing.

33.   The Company is not responsible for non-fulfilment of any liabilities if this is caused by circumstances that are beyond its reasonable control including but not limiting itself to natural disasters, wars, civil commotions, revolts, strikes, activities of civil or military authorities, fires, floods or earthquakes.

34.   In any of these events the responsibility of the Company does not go beyond the sum paid by the Customer to the Company.

35.   The Customer shall notify the Company of all mistakes or defects in translations within thirty days from the date of reception of the translation by the Customer. After expiry of the mentioned period the translated materials and correspondence will be destroyed, wherewith no possibility will remain to evaluate quality of the translation.

36.   The Company checks translations done by translators in normal working regime. The Customer undertakes not to raise claims for mistakes made in urgent translations referred to in paragraph 13 when there has not been enough time for proofreading, except the events that the mistake is such that no reasonably competent translator could have made it (more than 5 mistakes per page, content related and grammatical mistakes).

37.   The Company undertakes to correct the imperfections and mistakes discovered in the translation on its own account and in possibly short time if the Customer notifies the Company of them within thirty days after reception of the translation.

38.   All the disputes and disagreements arising during fulfilment of the order and not being solvable by means of negotiations are settled in the court. The parties are obliged to inform the management of the other party about the content of the claim in writing before filing the claim in the court.

39.   Should a competent jurisdiction court for any reason admit any part of the Terms and Conditions invalid, illegal or inapplicable, such condition is segregated and other conditions remain in full force.

40.   These Terms and Conditions are subject to alterations at the Company's discretion.