As we want to guarantee high level services, our work is based upon the quality standards. It means that in every translation project we involve a translator and a proof-reader, who checks the orthography of the translation and its equivalence to the original. In the case of a complicated technical text the terminology is checked by a specially invited technical specialist.
Thus at least two or three people participate in the process of translating one text:
Translator – Proof-reader – Technical Specialist.

Large translation projects are divided among several translators.
However, it is difficult to ensure high quality translations in a short time as a good quality translation requires rather long time. A standard amount of a text which a translator can translate in one day is 5-7 pages and the total time for order fulfilment is not less than 2 days.

However, we can make exceptions in extraordinary cases. Nevertheless we kindly ask our clients to remember that we are eager to achieve a high quality translation to the same extent as you are. Therefore don’t hurry us, please!